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Category: Blood Machineries
Cell Saver 5+
The Cell Saver® autologous blood recovery systems are used in operating room procedures in which there is rapid bleeding or high-volume blood loss. ►More

ACP 215
The ACP 215 System is the automated closed system cell processor with integrated process control. ►More

MCS+ 9000
The MCS+ 9000 system is Haemonetics' latest multi-component platform, which offers a complete 1 portfolio of protocols for the collection of platelets, red cells, plasma, and combinations of these. ►More

The PCS2 system is Haemonetics latest technology for the collection of plasma and flexible protocols allow for the collection of "jumbo" units of platelet-poor plasma, platelet-poor plasma with optional saline replacement, and source leukocytes/plasma ►More

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