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Category: Orthopedics Instruments
Series 7000
This system features a drill/reamer, oscillating saw, and reciprocating saw along with a complement of attachments to fill any of your large power needs. ►More

Series 1000
MicroAire is proud to offer an entirely new line of instruments with the ease of use of unitized electric handpieces, and the flexibility of a modular electric system that can be adapted to work as a pneumatic system. ►More

The 6640 SmartDriver with wire collet provides over 135 in. oz. of torque and over 1600 RPM of speed to insert K-wires up to (.062") 1.6mm for fixation. ►More

CTRS System
The MicroAire Carpal Tunnel Release System is a technological breakthrough in carpal tunnel surgery. This innovative system, using a minimally-invasive approach, provides significant patient benefits. ►More

PAL Device
The MicroAire Power Assisted Lipoplasty Device uses a 2-mm reciprocating movement at 4000 cycles per minute to facilitate the movement of the cannula in tissue. ►More

7800 Battery Sternum Saw
The 7800 Battery Sternum Saw from MicroAire offers the power and control needed for precision median sternotomies. ►More

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