Treatment with MicroVas
همانطور كه ملاحظه مي فرماييد تصاوير فوق مربوط به يك بيمار ديابتي ميباشد كه به علت تنگي شرياني شديد و نكروز بافتي كانديد آمپوتاسيون بوده است اما با انجام يك دوره درمان با دستگاه ... ►More

Inion OTPS Mesh for reconstruction of the Iliac Crest
Bone grafts are used in a variety of orthopaedic procedures; they provide support to the skeleton and stimulate healing of the surrounding bone. Perhaps the most frequent application is spinal fusion therapy, however, bone grafts can also be used ►More

Advantages of Biodegradable Pins Over Metal Fixation
The field of internal fixation has long been dominated by the use of metal implants, in particular those manufactured from stainless steel, cobalt chrome and, in more recent years, titanium. However, despite widespread use and availability, utilisation of metal implants in fracture repair is not without its disadvantages. ►More

Ankle Fractures – Surgical Treatment with a Single Procedure
The surgical treatment of ankle fractures is long documented. The use of internal fixation was originally developed using wires. While this technique generally achieved satisfactory results the subsequent development of plate osteosynthesis came to prominence in the 1970s. This gave satisfactory results consistently for several years using metal implants – typically Stainless steel and, more recently, titanium – but the need for removal of the implants has presented an opportunity. Although implant removal has not generally been deemed to be essential it is typically carried out in a large proportion of cases which increases the demand on clinical and surgical time and therefore cost. One of the main reasons for implant removal in the case of ankle fractures is infection (Raahave 1976). ►More

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